Dinky Toys 601 Austin Paramoke

Austin Paramoke by Dinky Toys, No. 601. with LIGHTER GREEN Platform and Harness. Early issue in card box. With parachute and Instruction Slip. Very near mint/boxed. From The Marc Mulvale Collection.

Dinky toys 601 austin para moke gg97 front

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Early issue first made during 1966 with spun wheels and presented in the pictorial card box (later issues were bubble-packed).
Model has a very close to mint original paint finish and comes with a spare wheel and steering wheel (early issues never had a driver). Note that this version unusually has a grey-brown plastic canopy, a lighter bright green platform and harness. Intact.

Dinky toys 601 austin para moke gg97 back

Tin windscreen can be raised and lowered (no corrosion).

Fortunately, this example comes complete with both the parachute and Instruction Slip.

The colourfully illustrated pictorial card box is clean, bright and fresh although there is a tiny tear to one small end flap tuck-in section (always vulnerable). This box has fared better than many we have seen.

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