Selling to Us or Through Us!

We buy and sell only the very finest quality models. We buy outright or sell on commission for collectors. With a turnover of around £1,000,000 per year, we manage everything from individual models to the largest collections worldwide.

Selling Your Collection Through Us

The QDT commission scheme goes from strength to strength.

Over the last few years we have successfully handled many large, interesting and valuable collections.
We always deliver the results that we promise.

Over 90% of the models that we sell are now part of this scheme. We find that we are attracting ever more interesting and high quality models and therefore many new and serious collectors too!

Please contact us to discuss our commission rates which will be tailored to your collection.

It is worth noting that we generally achieve higher prices than those at regular auctions and also that, unlike an auction, we market the item until an appropriate buyer is found, as opposed to taking the best price available on one particular day. Also, we do not charge the buyer, (apart from 12.5% commission for QDT auction items) so in fact, a larger percentage of the value of each model comes to you (our sales prices are not depressed by buyer commission).

Selling at QDT Auctions

Reserved for rare or close to pristine-pristine items, QDT Auctions has achieved truly remarkable results. Unlike regular auctions, QDT Auctions has a unique 24 hour rolling finishing time. i.e. once a bid is placed, collectors have 24 hours to respond by placing a higher bid. A new bid triggers another 24 hours for collectors to bid further; either next increment, ‘jumping’ the bid, or placing a maximum bid. A higher bid, triggers another 24 hours auction time. Once 24 hours elapse with no new bids, the auction ends.

If you have models that fit the bill, we would be pleased to hear from you. QDT commission charge to sellers is just the same 22.5%, and any items that achieve £1000+, sellers are charged 20%.
For general information on QDT Auctions please click here

Selling Your Collection To Us

For a prompt and trouble-free process from start to finish, read on……
We recommend a straight sale for those collectors who want a speedy sale of their collection.
Please take a look in our archive at the prices QDT have achieved for the highest quality models. Since we achieve the best prices for the very best, you can be confident that the prices we offer will exceed those offered anywhere else. In fact, we frequently achieve world record prices, particularly at QDT Auction.

1) In the first instance, please do take a look at the high quality items (models and boxes) that we sell. If yours are similar, please do send us some pictures by email. A few snapshots will do!
2) We will acknowledge receipt of your email and in most cases get back to you within 48 hours (usually less).
3) We can usually arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time and place. We can make a home visit, too. Alternatively, we are happy to receive items through the post, packed carefully and sent either by Recorded or Special Delivery.
For overseas sellers, we will travel for large collections. Smaller collections can be sent to us using Insured postal service or courier.

Why choose QDT?

We offer a personal service.
We have been in business since 1984, with a website presence since 2000.
We regularly beat auction prices since we sell to collectors, not dealers, reach a worldwide audience and you are not subject to the vagaries of who happens to be at the auction that day.
No waiting for your payment, which can be in cash, by cheque or bank transfer.