French Dinky Toys 833 Transformer 'ALSTHOM'

Transformer 'ALSTHOM' (for FD898 Berliet Transformer Carrier) by French Dinky, No. 833 Scarce! With Instruction Leaflet & still-bagged accessories. Mint/boxed. Old shop stock quality from The Nostalgic Collection. Starting bid £125. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Price: £150.00

This item is sold.


A scarce item to find on its own, this ‘ALSTHOM’ Transformer was the accessory for the French Dinky Berliet Transformer Carrier (French Dinky 898) issued during 1961.
In authentic and original condition, notably complete with all the little detachable parts, still in the original sealed bag.
Also includes the Instruction Leaflet.


The card box is extremely fresh, bright, crisp and complete. Showing minimal handling.
A scarce French Dinky accessory item. Od shop stock quality.

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