Corgi Gift Set 8 Massey-Ferguson Agricultural Equipment

Massey-Ferguson Agricultural Equipment by Corgi Gift Set 8. Tractor has BRONZE-COLOURED SEAT. Scarce. Near mint plus -very near mint/boxed. With all card packing, packing ring & Informative Slip. Very scarce set. From The Pennsylvanian Collection. Starting bid £200. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

This item is sold.


This is a very hard set to find! Issued between 1959-62. This Gift Set comprises:
1) 1111 Massey-Ferguson “780” Combine Harvester. Early issue with metal tines (couple of repaired breaks to one). Complete transfers. Occasional negligible mark. Pleasing glossy, all original paint finish.

2) 50 Massey-Ferguson ‘65’ Tractor in bright red and fawn, bronze-coloured seat and grey plastic steering wheel. Red metal wheels. Near mint plus original condition. The transfers are complete on both sides. Near mint plus condition, with a few little marks to the paint.

3) 51 Massey-Ferguson Hydraulic Tipping 30 CWT Trailer in red and yellow finish with red metal wheels. Near mint plus Remains of the old bands which kept the item in place within the set.


This Gift Set comes with all card packing & packing ring. Lower card section has a small wheel slot tear. Wear to the white card packing section. Printed slip too, as well as the Corgi Club Membership Form:


Upper packing piece too has the original ‘drive belt’ (elastic band!) still in place. Movement tear to one card cut-out section.

The lift-off lid box is complete, attractive and strongly-coloured. One lid seam repair and note that there is a puncture which has pressed back into place and is quite difficult to see. Base looks very close to shop-fresh.