Dinky Toys 353 SHADO 2 Mobile

SHADO 2 Mobile by Dinky Toys, No. 353. SMOOTH ROOF, RED interior, brown rollers. Very scarce. Very near mint/boxed. 1st issue in pictorial card box. Complete with Instruction Leaflet, spare missile and inner packing card. From The Marc Mulvale Collection. QDT starting bid £250. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Dinky toys 353 shado 2 mobile gg68 front

Price: £700.00

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Complete and authentic throughout, this SHADO 2 Mobile has an original military green finish (so often included in some military Dinky collections). Bright red interior, and a pale green base. Scarce version with a smooth roof. Complete ‘SHADO 2’ labels on both sides. Bright silver firing mechanism. Silver-grey tracks and brown rollers. Inspired by the Gerry Anderson UFO t.v. series, this model has a slick flip-over roof mechanism which reveals a formidable rocket just waiting to be fired! Complete with spare missile.

Dinky toys 353 shado 2 mobile gg68 back

Dinky toys 353 shado 2 mobile gg68 base

Couple of tiny marks to the paint finish.
Later issues of this model came in the rather unsatisfactory bubble pack style of packing (especially unsuitable for this model, given its weight). This early issue (1971) comes in the detailed, colourful card box. Light wear/grubbiness and a couple of small end flap tears. Nice to see that this example comes complete with both the inner card packing piece and the most elusive Instruction Sheet for the firing mechanism.

Dinky 353 shado 2 mobile  leaflet

Dinky toys 353 shado 2 mobile gg68 packing

A nostalgic treat for Gerry anderson fans!

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