Dinky Toys 106 Thunderbirds 2 & 4

Dinky 106 Thunderbirds 2 & 4. Very, very near mint/boxed (window box issue). Version with BLACK BASE & RED LEGS. High quality item from The Off-shore Collection. QDT starting bid £175. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Dinky toys 106 thunderbird 2 ff952 front

Price: £250.00

This item is sold.


The box has been carefully opened for the first time for this listing.
This exciting Gerry Anderson-inspired model has a metallic blue finish, and a black base. Extending red legs and thrusters. Intact original labels throughout. Note this late issue should not have a label on one of the wing’s underside.
With Thunderbirds 4. This yellow plastic model slides out from the central portion which has an intact black plastic hinged opening.

In virtually mint condition.
The card and cellophane window box is a very nice example indeed – bright and clean with an unpunched header card. Very fresh and clean polystyrene insert. Gives the impression of old shop stock.
Original cellophane is intact.
Very nice!

Dinky toys 106 thunderbird 2 ff952 back

Dinky toys 106 thunderbird 2 ff952 base

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