Gilbert 16701 James Bond's Aston Martin DB5

James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 by Gilbert Toys, No. 16701. Sensational Japanese tinplate model. With battery-operated functions! With James Bond figure & villain. Very near mint/boxed. From The Swiss-French Collection.

Gilbert 16701 james bond aston  martin ff563 front

Price: £925.00


An exciting and sought-after high quality Japanese tinplate model that displays so well.

This is an iconic Aston Martin model which comes to life with a moving bullet-proof shield, machine guns extending, lighting up and firing, and crash bumpers extending and retracting. The model starts and stops automatically. Extending tyre cutters and steering. Ejecting mechanism. Revolving number plates.

Gilbert 16701 james bond aston  martin ff563 back

Gilbert 16701 james bond aston  martin ff563 base

Virtually flawless sleek silver finish on this beautiful example with lithographed interior. Model measures 29cms. approx. Note the bumpers are slightly dulled due to prolonged contact with the polystyrene inner.

The colourfully illustrated card lift-of lid box is a delight! The unmistakable Sean Connery is behind the wheel of the car. Minor wear only. Polystyrene packing piece is included (staining in one area due to prolonged contact with the model). Box is dated 1965.

Instructions included.

Gilbert 16701 james bond aston  martin ff563 box

With colourful tag.

If you have been looking for a stand out James Bond piece that encapsulates the very essence of the 007 appeal, then your wait is over.

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