Dinky Toys 38F Jaguar Sports Car

Jaguar Sports Car by Dinky Toys, No. 38F. Light blue with BLUE wheels, with red interior. Very near mint/never boxed individually. From The 25 Year Collection in California.

Dinky toys 38f jaguar ee5350 front

Price: £350.00

This item is sold.


A highly desirable classic Sports car from The 25 Year Collection.
This Jaguar presents well with a bright blue finish and a red interior, black steering wheel, blue ridged wheels, sleek black baseplate. Smooth well shaped original tyres.
With both little windscreens in place.
Occasional small mark to the original paint finish.

Dinky toys 38f jaguar ee5350 back

Dinky toys 38f jaguar ee5350 base

At the time, this model would have been supplied to the shops in trade boxes of six.

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