French Dinky Toys 38A Marrel Skip Lorry

Marrel Skip Lorry by French Dinky Toys, No. 38A. Deep orange-yellow & grey issue. Very near mint/boxed, with card insert. From The Brighton Collection.

French dinky 38a marrel skip truck ee709 front

Price: £150.00



This is a pleasing example of a desirable French Dinky model, early numbering so this Marrel Skip Lorry was made between 1957-59. With a lustrous original grey and orange-yellow finish throughout:

French dinky 38a marrel skip truck ee709 back

French dinky 38a marrel skip truck ee709 base

A few little marks to the paint finish.
The box is very clean and bright. Very light wear. Comes with the inner card packing piece in which the model sits.

French dinky 38a marrel skip truck ee709 box

Dinky Quality Control stamp on the inside of the box lid.

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