Dinky Toys 190 Caravan

Caravan by Dinky Toys, No. 190. Yellow & Cream version. Very near mint/boxed, with card packing ring. From The Coastline Collection.

Dinky toys 190 caravan dd810 front

Price: £135.00

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A fine example in deep yellow and cream finish, fawn wheels. Drawbar and smooth black metal jockey wheel. Made between 1956-62.
Displays very nicely and not an easy find in this condition:

Dinky toys 190 caravan dd810 back

Dinky toys 190 caravan dd810 base

Very near mint.
As-new original tyres run well.
The box is complete and bright with the correct colour spot. A little age/handling wear and note the small part-puncture on one side.
With card packing ring.

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