Gama Models 9603 Ford GT 40

Ford GT 40 by Gama Models, No. 9604. Bright yellow with GAMA TRANSFER. Very near mint/boxed. Scarce item from The Berlin Collection.

Gama 9604 ford gt40 dd642 front

Price: £125.00


A well-constructed Ford GT 40 model from the well-regarded German diecast manufacturer GAMA.
Pleasing attention to detail with chrome details, with racing number 12 on the bonnet and doors, complete ‘GAMA’ transfer.
Black seating and a grey steering wheel. Lights detail. Shiny plastic wheels and separate tyres (usual reaction immediately surrounding the wheel.
1:43 scale.

Gama 9604 ford gt40 dd642 back

Gama 9604 ford gt40 dd642 base

Cellophane-wrapped with Japanese label.
Striking green card and cellophane box shows minor wear.

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