Dinky Toys 237 Mercedes Benz Racing Car

Mercedes Benz Racing Car by Dinky Toys, No. 237. Rare version in MATT WHITE with red plastic wheels, PAPER RACING NUMBER LABELS 36, blue metal driver, black plastic steering wheel. Very, very near mint/boxed. From The Brighton Collection.

Dinky toys 237 mercedes racing car dd306 front

Price: £275.00

This item is sold.


A rare combination – this Mercedes Racing car has a matt white finish, red plastic wheels, blue metal driver and racing numbers (36) on circular paper labels and a black plastic steering wheel.
Matte baseplate.



Complete paper labels.
In all original condition. A lovely unused example with a silky matt finish.
As-new original treaded tyres.
Virtually mint (so tempted to call it mint).
Correct, paler yellow picture box is bright and complete. This is the version with the serrated strip which is still firmly attached. Period price on an end flap.
A beauty – both model and box!

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