Dinky Toys 891 Caravelle SE 210 Airliner

Caravelle SE 210 Airliner by French Dinky Toys, No. 891. Very near mint/boxed, with packing support. With Informative Slip & scarce yellow "Prestige de L'Industrie Aeronautique Francaise PAPER BAND From The Heart of England Collection.

French dinky 891 caravelle aeroplane dd296 lid

Price: £150.00

This item is sold.


A scarce issue and particularly difficult to find with this box numbering (891)

A beautiful classic Dinky aeroplane in unused condition with a sleek and shining silver and white finish, perfect ‘Air France’ and ‘F-BGNY’ transfers. Complete tailfin transfers.
The delicate transfers on these aeroplane models are so prone to flaking.
Clearly this aeroplane has spent most of its time in the box.



Three little flakes of transfer loss at the sides.
The outstanding fresh and clean lift-off lid box has barely any wear. Very nice! Internal packing supports and Informative Slip included.



Note too the scarce yellow Caravelle Paper band too. Few little tears – but amazing to see that it has not been discarded as so many must have been!

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