Dinky Toys 965 Euclid Rear Dump Truck

Euclid Rear Dump Truck by Dinky Toys, No. 965. Scarce early issue with pale tan-backed logo at the sides. Very near mint/boxed, with card packing From The 25 Year Collection in California.

Dinky toys 965 euclid rear dump truck dd237 front

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A familiar Dinky Supertoy from Dinky’s heyday; surely every child from the mid 50’s-60’s remembers it well! It has been quite a while since we have offered this particular version for sale – it would appear rarer than the TEREX issue! This 1st issue has no window glazing and the pale tan-backed logo (later issues had a red-backed logo).



A creamy yellow finish with a metal winding handle, and the all-important “Euclid” lettering, logo, and wording complete on both sides.
Nearly always found chipped, this example has just a couple of subtle touch-ins visible to the keenest eyes.
The striped Supertoy box is complete and bright. Couple of part-punctures in the box lid (often the case!). Rusty staples. With card packing piece:


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