Factory Overwrap 6 x Corgi Toys 470 Forward Control Jeep

6 x Forward Control Jeeps by Corgi Toys, No. 300. Sensational original Factory Overwrap of 6 boxed models. Assumed mint/boxed. From The Wesley Lodge Collection.

Price: £600.00

This item is sold.


How exciting!
It is always a special moment when one realises that these models have not been touched since they left the factory sometime during the production time 1965-72.
Each model is held within its blue and yellow ‘Corgi Toys’ box with vivid, crisp colours on undamaged card. It is worth noting that this overwrap of 6 models has been carefully stored so there are no corner crushes, crumple or heavy splits to this cellophane over-wrap (a few little tears).


The boxes left the UK within the cellophane over-wrap destined for the US and each box has a dollar price at an end.

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