Dinky Toys Gift Set 37a Pre-War Motor Cyclists Civilian (x 6)

6x Civilian Motor Cyclists by Dinky Toys Gift Set, No. 37A. Excellent - near mint/boxed. Scarce pre-war items from The Woodford Green Collection.

Price: £750.00


This item is sold.


Rare survivors from this period and a delight to behold in this strongly-coloured presentation box! Issued 1937-41.
This Gift Set comprises 6 civilian motor cyclists in various colours with solid white rubber tyres. Some fatigue but no parts missing (save for one which has a very small portion ‘blown’). Wear to the paint finish commensurate with age.


THe decorative blue lift-off lid box has survivevd extremely well with little wae, and a few surface stains. No seam splits or repairs. Colours are strong . The decorative card insert is even better! Minor wear to the slots where the motor cycles are fitted but no tears, just little ruffles. Light wear besides.



A delightful set and so scarce!

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