Corgi Toys 268 The Green Hornet's Black Beauty

The Green Hornet's 'Black Beauty' by Corgi Toys, No. 268. With WORKING features! Very near mint/part-boxed, with Secret Instruction Packet, with accessories. Spun wheels issue. From The QDT Vault.

 268 green hornet black beauty t651

Price: £150.00



An exciting iconic T.V inspired Corgi model – issued between 1968-72. In very close to mint, all original condition. Shaped spun wheel issue. Delicate roof logo is intact.



Radiator closes well notably. Both mechanisms functions well.
Suspension on three wheels (still ‘sits’ well). Small faint bonnet scratch and the occasional tiny mark.
This example comes with a Secret Instructions Packet which has been opened (a little section missing) and inside there are the Instructions, four missiles and four spinners (so the complete complement).
The very attractive inner card stand has lots of atmospheric graphics. It is crisp, bright and clean. No wheel slot tears. Note that one of the little serrated sections has been prised apart at some time, now taped together.

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