Corgi Toys 374 5.3 'E' Type Jaguar

5.3 Litre V12 'E' Type Series 3 by Corgi Toys, No. 374. Very near mint/boxed. Last issue with rear hatch cast detail. Correct 4.2 box with 5.3 over-sticker. With perspex packing strip. From The Reference Collection.

Price: £160.00


This metallic yellow model has gleaming chrome details, a rich brown interior, and correct that this later issue has the black base without separate exhaust detail and no wing mirrors. Since it is the last version, it has cast details on the rear hatch:



Very near mint condition.
Correct ‘4.2’ printed box with ‘5.3 Litre’ over-sticker on the cellophane window. Complete and bright. With perspex packing strip. Intact original cellophane window and card inner tray. Light wear.

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