Corgi Toys 246 Chrysler Imperial

Chrysler Imperial by Corgi Toys, No. 246. Deep red with PALE BLUE interior. Very near mint/boxed. With GOLF CLUBS. From The Reference Collection.

Corgi toys 246 chrysler imperial bb436

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Issued between 1965-68, this attractive American car has a deep red finish, pale blue interior, gleaming plated fittings, spring suspension on detailed cast hubs (rather dulled)), two figures are seated inside.



Opening bonnet reveals a detailed engine. Opening boot reveals the golf clubs.
Just the occasional little mark.

For comparison only, please note the light blue colour of this interior on the Chrysler on the right when compared with the distinctive mid-green interior version on the left.


The picture box is bright and complete. Crisp feel. Light age/handling wear includes a couple of small light stains. With Corgi Club Memberhsip Form.

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