Dinky Toys 501/901 Foden Diesel Wagon

Dinky 501/901 Foden Diesel 8-Wheel Wagon. Red & fawn, 2nd type. From 1954. With yellow EXPORT LABEL. Near mint/boxed. From The Highgate Collection.

Dinky toys 501 901 foden diesel wagon bb6

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Issued during 1954 under this dual-numbering, this classic Dinky truck has a red cab and chassis, greyish-brown or earth back, grooved red Supertoy hubs. Well-shaped original black radial tyres, including the spare.
In all original condition throughout, this is an honest piece with a pleasing lustre to the paint finish. Bright baseplate too:




Chip on the roof and marking at some wheel arches as you might expect.
The striped, dual-numbered Supertoys box is complete, clean and vividly-coloured. Minor age wear includes the occasional little scuff. Exported to the U.S. so the bright yellow Hudson Dobson label is present on one side of the lid.
What a super item on display!

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