Dinky Toys 133 Cunningham Road Racer

Cunningham C-5R Road Racer by Dinky Toys 133. Gloss white issue, tan interior, spun wheels. Near mint plus/boxed. From The Berlin Collection.

Dinky toys 133 cunningham road racer zz661

Price: £275.00


Close to mint condition – this is a pleasing Cunningham Road Racer model.
A sought-after Dinky racing car issued between 1955-60. All original gloss white finish with a light brown interior, metal racing driver and spun wheels. Well-shaped original smooth tyres, too.

The blue stripes are deeply-coloured, with none of the usual wear or fading, as are the racing numbers on bonnet and doors. The original windscreen is intact.
Bright baseplate.
In close to mint condition several little marks.
Often these models can become discoloured over the years – happy to say that this example has retained its crisp white colour finish.
The box looks rarely handled. Strong colours and tear-free. Glue residue from a price label on an end flap. Light crease.