Corgi Toys 321/226 Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper/Morris Mini Minor by Corgi Toys 321/226. In GREY. A unique and original find from The 25 Year Collection in California. QDT starting bid £500. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Corgi toys 226 321 mini zz157

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


The owner tell us:
“I bought it from a collector who bought it new in the 60’s in Europe. He was an ambassador living in Belgium.
I bought his collection years ago. All models mint, unused, bought and stored”.

A truly remarkable find. An intriguing Mini model that we surmise is a prototype or a special issue that never went into general production.
With the body shell found usually on Corgi 321 Autograph Mini (with signatures on the roof), with head and spot lights. The body is uniquely finished in this distinctive shade of grey. Red interior.

The base however, with original rivets still firmly in place is more usually found on Corgi 226 Morris Mini Minor.

In very close to mint condition. Downgraded from mint due to a little mottling to the paint finish and some marking on the base.

The ever so bright, crisp and complete 226 picture box has barely any wear. 22 May 1968 is stamped on the internal surface of an end flap:

An exciting Mini from this collector.