Dinky Toys 905 Chain Foden

Foden Flat Truck with Chains by Dinky Toys, No. 905. Maroon with MAROON wheels. Very near mint/boxed. Dated 1956. Another beautiful classic Dinky Toy from a lifetime collection in Devon.

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This fine Dinky Truck has spent a large percentage of its 64 or so years tucked away in its box. The lustre to the rich maroon paint and the brightness and colour of the original chains tell us this.

A more difficult find with matching grooved Supertoy wheels. Black radial tyres are well-shaped too. Straight chain posts, original chain, rounded chain post bosses and a bolt fixing for the spare wheel. Large painted hook. 20mph transfer.

Such an attractive display piece – just the occasional dot retouch may be found upon close scrutiny (so often Dinky Fodens will be found littered with touch-ins, not so in this case, thankfully).
The complete and bright DINKY TOYS (not Supertoys) box is clean, complete and strongly-coloured. Light age wear includes rusty staples and a very small area of surface loss on a short lid end. Dinky stamp on the inside surface of the lid dates this example from March 1956.

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