Nicky Toys 051

Nicky/Dinky Toys 051 Mercedes-Benz Taxi. Very near mint/boxed. From A Phenomenal Collection.

Nicky toys dinky 051 mercedes taxi yy785

Price: £150.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


Sought-after models that are so difficult to find in good condition! Dinky dies were sold to the Indian Firm S. Kumar & Co. trading as Atamco. (1968-70). Often known as Indian-Dinky toys, the finish was poor in comparison.

This Mercedes model is black with a yellow roof and a complete ‘Taxi’ sign on the roof, original silver trim and a complete bonnet emblem. One-piece silver and black plastic wheels/tyres. No product number on base but ‘Kumar & Co Licensee India’ visible.
Lighter wash of paint at one side of the roof.

The box is complete and brightly-coloured, if rather worn now with a couple of tears.
Unusual item.