Dinky Toys 156

Dinky 156 Rover 75 Saloon. Mid-blue and cream. Large print baseplate & treaded tyres. Very, very near mint/boxed. Fresh box! Scarce. From The West Midlands Collection.

Dinky toys 156 rover 75 saloon yy927

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This most eye-catching Rover Saloon has a virtually perfect mid-blue and cream finish (negligible mark or two). Issued between 1956-59.

Dinky toys 156 rover 75 saloon yy9271

Dinky toys 156 rover 75 saloon yy9272

Note that this example has the large print and 156 on the baseplate. Treaded tyres.
The pictorial box is really fresh and bright – presents so well. A little surprise when one large end flap is opened – there is a period handwritten note dated 24-12-1964.
Two-tone cars from this period in this condition are always highly sought.