Dinky Toys 100

Dinky 100 Lady Penelope's Fab 1. Near mint plus/boxed, in bubble pack with missiles & rockets in original packet and still taped to plinth. Scarce issue with a BLACK INTERIOR. From The Berlin Collection.

Dinky toys 100 lady penelope fab 1 yy901

Price: £950.00


This Fab 1 model has a gleaming rose pink paint finish and a rare find with this black interior. Jewelled headlights. FAB 1 numberplate front and rear. Both figures of Lady Penelope and Parker are seated inside. Correct canopy for this late issue, too i.e. no pink lines. Correct wheels for this variation too.

In all original condition. In close to mint condition, with attractive silver bumpers and radiator, intact bonnet emblem. During storage, a few little ‘bloomed’ patches to the pink paint have developed. Couple of tiny marks to the paint finish.
The plinth is complete and bright with a little marking caused by the wheels. The original bag is taped to the base and contains the correct 2 yellow missiles as well as four red harpoons. Small area of surface loss on one short side due to tape removal at some time.

The plastic bubble lid is original, feeling pliable still. A little yellowed now. Intact. Light wear and remains of old tape which kept the bubble lid in place.