Corgi 270

Corgi 270 James Bond Aston Martin. Very, very near mint (ejector seat mechanism faulty)/boxed. Complete with ALL accessories. Rare box issue. Version WITH 270 printed on box face. With UNUSUAL wheels. From The Eric Morris Collection. Starting bid £400. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Corgi toys 270 james bond aston martin db5 yy795

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


The hardest to find box version of this popular James Bond Aston Martin. Issued during 1973 only in this slim blue and yellow window box. Note this is the version with 270 printed on the front surface.
This James Bond DB5 has a silky metallic, virtually mint silver finish. Revolving number plates, retractable machine guns, tyre slasher blades, telescopic over-riders – this car is literally loaded with features!

Bright gold radiator. Rear bullet screen. Detailed spoked wheels with slasher blades. Suspension is fine on all wheels. Note the unusual wheels. Please compare this version pictured on the left with a standard version on the right:

The owner says:
“This model could be unique in that the front wheels are normally cross spoked, and on close inspection these are clearly not, this is probably a factory error when the model was being put together. These wheels are also seen on the Corgi MGB from Gift Set 41 which was only produced in 1969 and so it is a probability that this Corgi 270 was produced in 1968/69”

Note the ejector mechanism has a factory flaw in that the seat needs to be held to one side in order to operate the ejector mechanism.

Secret Instruction Packet has been opened. Complete, original contents.

The scarce blue and yellow window box with 270 printed on the front surface gives the impression of old shop stock, with tiniest wear.