French Dinky 1424

French Dinky 1424 Renault 12 . Near mint plus/boxed. With still-sealed packet containing correct traffic sign & number plates. With Leaflet. From The Salopian Collection.

French dinky 1424 renault x905

Price: £115.00

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Issued between 1969-70, this Renault model has a distinctive caramel finish with a bright red detailed interior, rear view mirror detail on the windscreen, untarnished concave wheels, bright original silver trim. Fine original ‘Dunlop’ tyres.

Occasional small mark to the paint.
Still-sealed packet contains the correct ‘End of Quay’ Road Sign and number plates.
Colourful ad crisp card box has light wear/grubbiness. Period price label at an end flap. Leaflet included too.