Dinky 106

Dinky 106 Thunderbirds 2 & 4. Very near mint/boxed (bubble pack issue). Version with RED LEGS. From The Exclusively Gerry Anderson Collection. QDT starting bid £125. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Dinky 106 thunderbirds x537

Price: £175.00

This item is sold.


This exciting Gerry Anderson-inspired model has an original metallic blue finish, with extending red legs and red thrusters. Complete original labels throughout.

Dinky 106 thunderbirds x5371

Dinky 106 thunderbirds x5372

With Thunderbirds 4. This yellow plastic model slides out from the central portion which has an intact black plastic hinged opening. In close to mint condition with a few of the inevitable marks on the removable pod.

The bubble-pack style box has a bright and complete card plinth. Little marking where the model has rested. Light wear besides.
Original plastic bubble top is clear and quite supple. Small tear. Has fared better than most.

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