Corgi Gift Set 2

Corgi Gift Set 2 Land-Rover with Rice's Pony Trailer & Pony. Shaped Spun Wheels. Very near mint/boxed, with packing & Informative Slip. Rare version with CAST DRAWBAR on the Trailer. From Thr Reference Collection. A first for QDT!

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Issued between 1958-68, this fine Gift Set is an early issue, having a mid-green Land Rover with a light tan tin tilt, and a red and black trailer (and a rare find with a cast drawbar, nearly always found with a wire drawbar). Shaped spun wheels. Original plastic horse included.



The Land-Rover is in very close to mint condition with a fine, well-shaped tinplate tilt.

The trailer has a glossy red and black finish, shaped spun wheels. Cast drawbar. Marking to the tow ring and a couple of little marks besides.

The card plinth on which the models sit, is complete and bright. Minor grubbiness and and light wear including a small wheel slot tear.


The outer card pictorial end flap box is bright, clean and complete. No tears. Crisp feel. Card packing piece is included as well as the small Informative Slip and Corgi Club Membership Form.

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