Dinky 101

Dinky 101 Thunderbirds 2 & 4. RIVETTED BASE VERSION. Very near mint/boxed. From a most knowledgeable & enthusiastic collector in South London. QDT starting bid £500. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.


This item is sold.


First issue from 1967-73 in all original dark gloss green. The Thunderbird 2 is happily free from the usual little problems that are all too frequent with these early examples i.e. the retractable yellow legs are intact (one has a tiny bend), and the plated parts and labels are complete, intact and bright.

Note too that this example comes complete with the small Thunderbird 4 inside the pod.
Obviously unplayed with or indeed handled very much. As usual, the metal pod which has to be slid out has a little marking which of course is invisible when assembled – and unavoidable as metal slides across metal.
The attractive inner card stand has lots of great artwork and looks fresh with excellent strong colours. Tiny wear only. Both tuck-in end flaps are present and intact.

Operating Instructions on the reverse (no separate leaflet with this example – leaflet included for examples sold to the French market).

The distinctive card outer box is a very fine example – box is an especially difficult find in this condition – nearly always found punctured or torn, this example has fared better than most!
Very minor wear and a couple of tiny tears. Sturdy card strip included.
A great Gerry Anderson model to add to your collection – this early issue is a strong favourite with many collectors. A very difficult find in this condition.