Corgi 206

Corgi 206 Hillman Husky. Cool fawn issue. Very near mint/boxed. Unusual box. From The Berlin Collection.


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A delightful early Corgi car made between 1956-59. It has a fawn, shining all original paint finish, bright flat spun hubs. Shiny baseplate (few little rubs) and as-new original treaded tyres.

A little stray factory paint residue on the inside surface of one side window and a couple of tiny marks to the paint finish.
Note the colour difference between this example pictured on the right, when compared to the warmer fawn shade issue, also listed at QDT.

The blue picture box is complete, clean and fresh-looking. Bright colours. Note that this box has a blank rectangular section on one box face – with the 206M box version the word ‘mechanical’ would be printed here. Most unusual.