Corgi/Trophy 152

Corgi (302) Trophy MGA Sports Car. Very scarce. Very near mint/on black plastic plinth. From a dedicated Corgi collector in The Home Counties.


Price: £135.00

This item is sold.


A small range of Corgi models (5 in total) were gold plated in 1961 and were sold by Marks & Spencer. Few are available and are sought-after nowadays, even if they did not sell particularly well at the time.

This Triumph TR2 model is in all original condition with the distinctive mirror plated finish, red seating, steering wheel and intact windscreen (often missing!). Detailed cast wheels.Fine original tyres.
Few minor marks to the paint finish and residue from a applied number plates.

Sits atop the original black plastic stand with gold-edged label. No perspex cover now.