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California Dreamin'


A look at the latest models just in from The 25 Year Collection, a personal account of his collecting history and news of what’s coming next…

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Monty Calme Collection Part 3


Taking a look at some of the more remarkable items recently offered for sale from The Monty Calme Collection – prototypes, colour trials, and promotional pieces.
A world-class collection bringing to light some hitherto unknown Corgi rarities.

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The Corbridge Collector


QDT embark on the sale of items from another large Corgi Collection. This collector notches up more than forty years of collecting Corgi models.

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Monty Calme Collection Part 2


Reflections on selling the second tranche of this world class collection with a note from the man himself and a sneak peek at what is coming next…..

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Taking a fresh look at Corgi


Corgi ephemera and unique finds from ‘The New European Collection’ we are privileged to be handling at QDT.

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The Monty Calme Collection


One of the most exciting Corgi collections ever to come to the market place – reflections on the first tranche selling at QDT.

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Highlights of a recent collection sold at QDT


A look at some of the exciting recent sales here at QDT

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