Dinky Gift Set 49 Petrol Pumps Set

Petrol Pumps Set by Dinky Toys, No. 49. Very near mint/boxed (oversleeve). From The Ground Crew Collection.

Dinky gift set 49 petrol pumps oil bin ff671 front

Price: £180.00



A delightful set, this version looks barely handled, each pump complete with grey rubber hosing.
49a – Bowser Petrol Pump in green
49b – Wayne Petrol Pump in blue
49c – Theo Petrol Pump in brown
49d – SHELL Petrol Pump in red
Also contains :
49e – Oil bin. Correct that this version does not have “Pratts” stamped on the lid. Very near mint condition.

All fit nicely in the yellow card insert which has none of the expected wear and tear at the base where the items sit. Looks clean, bright and fresh. Both parts of the sleeved box are intact with no splits.

Dinky gift set 49 petrol pumps oil bin ff671 side

Some tape residue at the ends of the box. Oversleeve is a lighter yellow shade. Pencilled numbering on one side.

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