Corgi Toys 237 Oldsmobile Sheriff Car

Oldsmobile "Sheriff" Car by Corgi Toys, No. 237. With whitish roof light. Very near mint/boxed, with packing card. Crisp box! From The Reference Collection.

Corgi toys 237 oldsmobile sheriff car bb731

Price: £165.00


This Oldsmobile model has a shining black and white paint finish and complete and bright, shiny “County Sheriff” paper labels on both sides. Shaped spun wheels with suspension and an intact whitish roof light.
Looking very smart and in very close to mint condition.



Note the stray thin strip of red plastic on the inside surface of the windscreen (stray portion when the interior was added, so factory).
The box is complete, clean, fresh and bright looking barely handled. Tiny storage crumple. With card packing piece and Corgi Club Membership Form.

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