A Collector's Legacy

A lifelong collector, Denis Tyler now passes the baton to the next generation of collectors.
With proceeds from the sale of his collection going to the charities that he loved.

Denis lead

This is an awe-inspiring 1000 model plus collection that has taken many decades to source and is a testimony to Denis’s deep appreciation of the British Toy industry during the 1940’s and 1950’s principally.
His focus was primarily Dinky Toys, Minic models, and Britains. A myriad of other British makes such as Crescent, Timpo, Moko, Chad Valley & Tri-ang, too.

From the time when Dinky Toys were delivered to the Dinky shopkeepers in Trade Boxes for instance:

Denis tyler dinky trade boxes

Denis blog trade boxes

Please click each image for an expanded view.
The unforgettable range of Dinky Toy Commercials in those buff boxes:

Denis tyler buff boxes

And a little later, the ‘blue box’ range:

Denis blue box commercials

From the time when clockwork toys held a boy or girl’s fascination and mirrored the trucks, vans and cars that were on the road at the time:

Minic cars trucks

Minic trucks denis

A splendid range of Britains military models – here are just a few:

Britains denis

A delightful range of Mettoy models too:

Denis mettoy

Celebrating the best of the British Toy industry during the 1940’s & 50’s, here are just a few from his collection, showing the diversity of his interest:

Denis tyler lilliput mettoy

More images will be added to this Blog as we progress through the collection.

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