Corgi Toys 216M Austin A40

Austin A.40 Saloon by Corgi Toys, No. 216M. Rare. Very near mint/boxed (in standard 216 box). Red & black issue (mechanical) with flat spun wheels. Scarce model from The West Midlands Collection.

Corgi toys 216 austin a60 zz824

Price: £295.00

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This is a scarce early Corgi mechanical car – so hard to find, especially in this condition. In red with a black roof and flat hubs, this model with a flywheel motor (works well) was made for a short time only between 1959-60. The car has a lovely, gleaming, all original paint finish.



Well-shaped original tyres and shiny flat spun wheels.

Couple of minor marks on one side raised body line and the merest suggestion of a roof rub.

The blue and yellow picture box (216 numbering, so for the non-mechanical version) is complete, if slightly sun=faded. No tears. Period penned shopkeeper’s price on an end flap. Corgi Club Membership Form.