Corgi Envelope 1461 Accessory Packets

Full Corgi Envelope of 12 x 1461 'B' Pack of Accessories . Mint & complete/unopened packets. Old shop stock quality from The Eric Morris Collection. Starting bid £175. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Corgi toys envelope b pack accessories yy993

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Very fresh clean and bright original Corgi Printed Envelope which would have been sent out to shopkeepers. Inside is the full complement of 12 × 1461 ‘B’ Pack Self-adhesive accessories which enabled Corgi customers to decorate their cars and lorries. Each packet contains number plates, G.B. plates etc). All packets are still-sealed. Ready to be applied to your Corgi models or to keep as great items in their own right.

Reverse of envelope (showing light wear):

Reverse of packet: