Corgi Toys 226

Corgi 226 Morris Mini Minor. Maroon version with cast wheels. Late issue base. Harder to find this late issue with TREADED tyres. Near mint plus/boxed. Nice box! From The Pennsylvanian Collection.

Corgi toys 226 morris mini minor yy942

Price: £135.00


A gleaming deep maroon finish and a lemon interior on this sparkling Mini made between 1960-68 in various colours. Suspension on detailed cast wheels. Well-shaped original fine tread tyres, (so not the later version with ’CORGI TOYS" embossed). Late issue base (with patent number).

In close to mint condition with a few little marks at side window posts.
Presented in a very crisp, clean and bright picture box. Looks like old shop stock. Remains of a label on an ed flap.