Dinky 491

Old shop Trade Pack containing all six original Dinky 491 Electric Dairy Vans "Job's Dairy". Very, very near mint/boxed. Rare promotional Dinky models. Exceptional unsold item with super-crisp boxes.

Trade box dinky 491 job's dairy vans yy85

Price: £900.00



What a wonderful sight! This is the original Dinky Trade Pack which enclosed all six promotional ’Job’s Dairy Vans’ in their original boxes! Inside all 6 boxed models are still present enclosed within their individual virtually pristine – pristine card boxes.
Six from only 1176 promotional models made during 1960. Beautiful cream paint finish and notably complete ’Job’s Dairy’ transfers front and back (save for one which has a tiny nick). Paint finish is virtually mint-mint too! It must be stressed that this is not a later ‘made-up’ set of vans – these are the originals and are each contained in vibrant crisp unfaded boxes (correct plain N.C.B. boxes). No colour spots on these boxes – some were issued with and some without, we surmise those toward the end of the production run were issued without. Notably the boxes are crumple-free.
An exceptional item!

The outer carton is complete and bright. Traces of the original sellotape used to close the carton, and a few stray dabs of white paint visible (mostly)on an unprinted side. A little storage grubbiness.
A very scarce find and a shrewd investment piece. A sensational Dinky display item – old shop stock Dinky models in their original packing are especially prized.