Dinky 39BU

Dinky 39BU Oldsmobile. Excellent plus/never individually boxed. Exceptionally scarce U.S. export model. From A Phenomenal Collection.

Price: £1,300.00


Export issue to the U.S., this Oldsmobile model is finished in deep cream with rich brown wings, silver trim. Issued for export to the U.S. during 1950-52, and an extremely difficult find in any condition.
Occasional little mark to the paint finish as you might expect for what is essentially an unboxed model over 60 years old. Few marks mostly at the rear.
In all original and authentic condition – note that this example has an open rear base – extremely rare! Original smooth tyres run well.
Presents well:

Dinky 39bu oldsmobile x767a1

Dinky 39bu oldsmobile x767a2

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