South African French Dinky 519

South African version of French Dinky 519 Simca 1000. Turquoise issue. Near mint plus/in correct Afrikaans Box. Exceptional item from a diecast collection in South Africa. A first for QDT! QDT starting bid £2500. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.


This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


Hard to find in any condition and certainly never in multiples – we are delighted to have one of the rarest South African Dinky models for sale! Unfinished models were exported to South Africa from 1966. They were sent as castings and painted and assembled there largely as a way of getting around the laws prohibiting export of finished goods to South Africa at this time. All housed in Dinky boxes with some Afrikaans text and of course most importantly the Arthur E.Harris print on the box.
South African versions of French Dinky are even harder to find and this French Dinky Simca 1000 is in close to mint condition in a complete, clean and bright Afrikaans box! Fleck of surface loss on the box underside. Very light wear besides.
Turquoise finish and a fine silver trim, red detailed interior and shiny spun wheels. Fine tread black original tyres (each has a very light flat spot due to be ing in the same position for many years). Shiny base (light speckled tarnishing in one area) has ‘Dinky Toys Simca 1000 Made in France Meccano’.
Light box contact rub at the raised detail on the roof (few little dots) and a very small amount of rough casting on a front wing. lIttle raised paint bubble on the bonnet (as-made).