3 x Test Shots (plastic) of the Bedford TK, Land Rover & Citroen SM. Another piece of Corgi History from The MBU Collection.


Price: £100.00



The MBU Collector says:

“All three were given to me by Susan Pownall of Corgi on a visit to The Maidenhead Static Model Club where I was secretary, I believe in 1992. At this time, the “New Corgi” company was in its infancy and they had in their possession a number of original CORGI moulds. They were in the process of attempting the re-release of whatever they thought they could successfully market, hence the “test shots” to see if the moulds still worked.
It’s much easier to use plastic instead of Mazac to check the quality of the casting and they brought along a few of these “samples” for the club to peruse and at the end of the evening, I was fortunate to be given them."